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Elfie is in dire need of help. D=

I am sorry. I completely understand that this community is not for this, but I need help. I am looking for someone to Beta my work. I've looked around in general Beta communities, but I'm not sure how they'd respond to my "writes real people fanfiction for real [God-sent] Japanese boybands and may or may not end up writing slash." *Blush*

So I thought that maybe if I found a JE fanfiction community, I could find a good Beta that might actually understand my love for JE. So here I am. Looking for  a JE Beta that knows the fandom and the boys. I've written for my entire life, but to be entirely honest, I haven't written much fiction. I'd like to try though, and JE happens to be the greatest fandom out there so I'll start from here. 

I can't promise anything good, obviously, but I'd like to try. I don't mind harsh critiques, and I will take objective feedback the way they're meant to be taken. 

Oh, and I also started writing original flash-fiction that I hope someone wouldn't mind editing either. 

So yea, in dire need of a Beta. Hope you can help.

Ficathon: SHIGE-THON

Name of Fic-a-thon: The SHIGE-THON

Run by: musikologie and swtjemz

Deadline for fic?: Never.

Announcement/Advertisement: "We have come to the conclusion that Shige is not getting enough love in fic. And that all you JE peeps should help us embark on this noble endeavor -- said noble endeavor being 'WRITE MORE FIC ABOUT SHIGE. PREFERABLY INVOLVING YAMAPI OR RYO. OR BOTH. BUT IN THE LONG RUN, WE'RE NOT THAT PICKY.'"

Fic prompts (if applicable): 101 prompts under the cut...Collapse )

Fic entries: Found at the main SHIGE-THON post. All new entries should either be linked to that post or to here.

Ficathon submission form

If you're posting a new fic-a-thon, please put your post in this format. We'll tag your entry with the name of the fic-a-thon, so it'll be easy to find even when it gets pushed off of the page. :D

Fic prompts should be lj-cut (please please please!) and, if the ficathon is being hosted on another journal/community, an entry post can be linked from there.

Feb. 13th, 2008

Have you ever surfed your friends list and seen a really great story pop up for a [JE boy/group]-thon? Have you read it and then searched for the fic-a-thon that it came from to find more awesome fic? And then, after reading all you could from that fic-a-thon, wondered if there were others like it?

Well, wonder no longer!

Your crazy hostesses (Beth and jemz) are at it again! On our 6-month anniversary of the SHIGE-THON, we are opening this community for you to easily find all the fic-a-thons in the JE Fandom!

Feel like the fandom needs to give more love to your favorite JE boy or group and want to host a [JE boy/group's name]-thon in his honor? You can post it here and advertise it!

Don't want to put it on your journal but in a community for easy access? No worries, you can post it here and edit your post to include any and all stories pertaining to your [JE boy/group]-thon.

Are you feeling stuck for inspiration and want to try your hand at a prompt or two? You can look at the Master List-A-Thon and find something to titillate your muse into being nice and inspired!

Either way, we are here to help you find a [JE boy/group]-thon and spread the JE love.

The Master ListCollapse )

the future of this community...

Hey, everyone!
swtjemz and I are deciding to open this community to a different purpose other than its original intent and use it as an archival for all those [INSERT JE BOY/PAIRING HERE]-THON that's currently popping up in all the JE fic communities.
We wanted to have a nice, sleek list that people can just look at and reference. If they want to post up their [WHATEVER]-THON up in here, they can. By doing so, they can keep the links to various stories handy and it makes a great reference tool if you are looking for a particular person/pairing/group to write about.
All these prompts in a single place to tempt your muses, so exciting!

We're opening the comm on February 13th, so if you'd prefer to leave the community, you've got two weeks to do it. The lyric translations found on this community are no longer here, but you can find all of them at the following three places, Mognet, Celeste's Translations, and goro_chan.

Thank you, and we hope you'll stick around for this new adventure!