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Ficathon: SHIGE-THON

Name of Fic-a-thon: The SHIGE-THON

Run by: musikologie and swtjemz

Deadline for fic?: Never.

Announcement/Advertisement: "We have come to the conclusion that Shige is not getting enough love in fic. And that all you JE peeps should help us embark on this noble endeavor -- said noble endeavor being 'WRITE MORE FIC ABOUT SHIGE. PREFERABLY INVOLVING YAMAPI OR RYO. OR BOTH. BUT IN THE LONG RUN, WE'RE NOT THAT PICKY.'"

Fic prompts (if applicable):
1 5 ways Shige's bandmates embarrassed him + 1 way that they didn't
2 5 ways Shige was pinned down by NewS
3 5 times NewS were horribly inappropriate in Shige's presence + 1 time that he didn't mind too much
4 5 ways that Shige made a NewS member "SHIVER"
5 5 times Ryo and Shige talked to each other + 1 time they didn't
6 5 times that Shige avoided Ryo + 1 time he couldn't
7 5 times Ryo scared Shige
8 5 times Shige scared Ryo
9 5 times Shige walked in on Ryo
10 5 times NewS just wished Shige and Ryo would get it on, already + 1 time they did
11 5 plots NewS comes up with to get Shige and Ryo together + 1 that was successful... only because Ryo let them think that they were (that smug bastard)
12 5 times Kanjani8 walks in on Shige and Ryo
13 5 times Yamapi tries to get Ryo and Shige together + 1 times he joins in
14 5 times Ryo turned to Pin for advice about Shige + 1 time their advice really did work
15 How Yamapi managed to fall for Shige 5 times
16 5 times Shige breaks out of his shell and seduces NewS
17 5 ways Shige always follows the Leader
18 5 ways Yamapi fails to notice that Shige exists + 1 way he does (and boy, does he)
19 5 ways Shige asks Yamapi for 'acting tips'
20 5 times Shige tutors Yamapi and 1 time he gets the lesson
21 5 times Shige does Yamapi's hair
22 5 times Yamapi gives Shige "bedroom eyes"
23 5 times Shige give Yamapi "bedroom eyes"
24 5 times Ryo notices Shige and Yamapi's bedroom eyes + 1 time when he finally gets the point
25 5 times NewS accidentally trap Yamapi and Shige in a room together
26 5 times RyoPi comforts Shige
27 5 times Shige almost falls asleep when Yamapi is saying something
28 5 times Shige is fed
29 5 ways Shige is taught to dance by Yamapi, and one way that succeeds
30 5 times Jin tries to give Shige advice on how to seduce Yamapi
31 5 ways Shige is taught to dance by Pin, and one way that succeeds
32 5 times Ryo saves Shige from TegoMassu
33 5 times Ryo throws Shige at TegoMassu + 1 time Yamapi saves him
34 5 times Shige saves TegoMassu from themselves
35 5 silent agreements to torment Shige during the NewS Abake
36 5 ways Shige convinces Ryo and Yamapi to back dance for his duet with Koyama
37 5 ways Shige was put off 'Miso Soup' forever
38 5 times Shige talked Koyama into a threesome + 1 time it got completely out of hand
39 5 times Shige gets dragged into an orgy protesting + 1 time he instigated it
40 5 times stumbles unknowingly upon an orgy +1 time he gets to join in
41 5 times NewS gets Shige drunk and takes advantage of him
42 5 times Shige gets NewS drunk and takes advantage of them
43 5 songs that Shige likes to dance to in private
44 5 not so secret encounters that Yamapi instigates to get into Shige's pants
45 5 times Pin took Shige shopping
46 5 times TegoMassu took Shige shopping + 1 time in which he didn't want to kill himself
47 5 times Shige was dragged shopping with Ryo and Kanjani8
48 5 times Kanjani8 made Shige speak in Kansai-ben all while Ryo was laughing at him
49 5 ways Shige spent the night in Osaka
50 5 people that Shige liked spending his study time with
51 5 pairs of Shige's pants utterly ruined by Ryo + 1 time Shige borrowed Ryo's pants
52 5 songs Shige wrote about NewS + 1 he wrote for Pin that was better than "Make U Wet" + 1 that wasn't
53 5 times Shige helped Koyama with his homework, with horrible consequences
54 5 times Shige was locked in a room with Pin, Ryo, and Ueda (WRITE THIS ONE PLZ)
55 5 times Massu proved to Shige that it wasn't all about food
56 5 times Shige was trapped in an elevator
57 5 ways Yamapi trapped Shige in an elevator
58 5 times Shige had to use his law degree to get NewS out of trouble
59 5 times Shige outtalked Koyama
60 5 times Shige got mistaken for Tegoshi
61 5 times Tegoshi got mistaken for Shige + 1 time someone thought they were twins
62 5 reasons why there will never be TegoShige
63 5 reasons why Koyama thinks Shige needs to get laid
64 5 reasons why Ryo doesn't actually hate Shige, but pretends to anyway
65 4 scenarios in which Ryo gets kinky with Shige + 1 in which they get outed to NewS
66 5 things Shige did that scarred NewS
67 5 disasters that befell Shige
68 5 times NewS save Shige from utter embarrassment
69 5 embarrassing habits that Shige wishes NewS didn't know about him
70 5 times Kanjani8 crashed Shiget Together
71 5 things Shige can blackmail NewS into shutting the hell up.
72 5 times Massu accidentally calls Shige "Darling" while wearing a dress when Shoon is near
73 5 ways Shige can get Koyama to shut up
74 5 things Shige knows Massu won't eat
75 5 spots on Shige's body that Ryo really likes
76 5 stories about his bandmates that scare him
77 5 stories Jin wished he really didn't know about NewS (not a typo! write voyeur fic!)
78 5 lessons that Shige takes with Jin in how to move his hips
79 5 things that Shige likes to lick
80 5 things that Shige cannot live without
81 4 things Shige never wanted to know about Tegoshi and 1 thing he doesn't mind
82 5 times that Shige lied to Massu
83 5 encounters Shige walked in on and turned beet red
84 5 times Shige's heart was broken
85 5 times Shige almost left JE
86 5 times NewS groped Shige's butt in public
87 5 times Shige kissed Yamapi when he wasn't expecting it
88 5 reasons why Shige thinks he's not popular and all of NewS tries to dispel them
89 5 songs that Shige refuses to sing in public
90 5 things Wagahai only knows about Shige
91 5 jweb posts that Shige's never posted
92 5 times the catepiller won the best of Shige
93 5 times Shige won over the catepillar (with the help of NewS)
94 5 of Tegoshi's Magic Tricks Shige wished he never agreed to
95 5 times Shige's name unites NewS
96 5 times that Shige has almost said completely inappropriate things onstage
97 5 scenarios in which Shige was not a part of NewS
98 5 times Shige cried from member-ai
99 5 times in which Shige was very glad that K.K.Kity no longer existed
100 7 letters Shige never sent to each member of NewS
101 5 times Shige really felt loved

Fic entries: Found at the main SHIGE-THON post. All new entries should either be linked to that post or to here.



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